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Tisková zpráva: The World`S First Smart Wireless Headphones – The Dash – Starts Crowdfunding Campaign

+++ more than 100.000 US$ funded on kickstarter.com in the first 24h +++

Munich-based BRAGI is starting a crowdfunding campaign for THE DASH, the world´s first smart wireless headphones. BRAGI introduces a beautiful marriage of design, audio, wearable tech, biometrics and telephony functionality, all in one product.

Now, athletes, music lovers and design enthusiasts can pre-order the world´s first smart headphones starting at 179$ on Kickstarter.

As the world´s first smart and completely wireless headphones it offers multiple unique features:


THE DASH can play music from an embedded 4GB/1000 song music player or through a Bluetooth connection with a smartphone.


THE DASH tracks movements like pace, steps, cadence and distance and measures heart rate, oxygen saturation and energy spent. Real time acoustic feedback is also provided – even without an attached smartphone.


THE DASH also works as a Bluetooth headset and delivers clear voice quality through an embedded ear bone microphone. Even though THE DASH provides impressive noise isolation, the wearer can choose to channel ambient sound into the headphone with the transparent audio feature. A simple swipe on the surface enables or disables ambient sound to pass through.

An iOS App and Android App for THE DASH will be available at product launch for free. Developers can order a software development kit to get open access to processed and unprocessed data feeds.

THE DASH was created by Danish entrepreneur Nikolaj Hviid, former Head of Design at a global leading audio company. The international team at BRAGI holds more than 90 patents and has won more than 100 design awards.


To inquire about BRAGI & THE DASH, please don´t hesitate to drop us a line:


Telefon: +49(89)215484-215

Links: https://kickstarter.bragi.com


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