Tisková zpráva: Dedicated servers on sale: The prices below 24 Euro per month

Dedicated servers on sale: The prices below 24 Euro per month

Coolhousing has included dedicated servers, the so called sales machines, into their offer. These are such servers that were in a regular offer but for some reason or other have remained in stock. The lowest dedicated server prices have thus dropped down under CZK 600 per month.

Every more or less proficient IT expert is certainly aware of the fact that the purchased hardware technology becomes obsolete at a very quick pace. However, everyone who is concerned about expenses also knows that for the majority of commonplace tasks fulfilment does not necessitate the state-of-the-art hardware use. The assigned tasks can be easily performed by a machine that can be purchased for a fraction of expenses. And precisely that is the case of the just starting dedicated servers sale at Coolhousing. On this sale, you can find servers that will without any difficulty satisfy a range of customers and won’t leave them out of pocket.

The core of the sale offer is comprising of such servers that used to be in the regular offer but for one reason of another remained in stock: The original clients have cancelled their orders, a fault occurred during the server order processing at the supplier’s side or the client’s project run on the server was terminated.

In the up-to-date line of sales servers you can thus find machines which are brand new or have been used for a very short period of time. You needn’t be afraid of purchasing the used servers. The Coolhousing experts clean very carefully (physically as well as along the software lines) every used server before any new lease. They also thoroughly examine them and test the defect-free operation of individual components through a series of heavy duty test. Coolhousing places such confidence in the testing that it offers hardware maintenance and servicing for the sales dedicated servers free of charge during the whole time of the lease as is the case in new servers offer.

Don’t pay unnecessarily more than you have to. In our current offer, the task of a web server can be performed handily for example by HP Proliant ml310e Gen8 with a quad-core processor Intel Xeon E3-1270V2, 16 GB RAM with two hard disks that you can obtain for as little as 80 Euro per month. If you are price conscious and require environmentally friendly operation and you can manage with a lower gross performance, you might be most certainly interested in the server Intel Atom D510 with 4 GB RAM and one 320GB disk that you may obtain at a surprisingly low price of 23.46 Euro per month. The stated prices are final, they will not take you by surprise with any hidden costs. They include both, the server lease and the server housing services.

Are you still thinking you really need a new server? Please, visit https://www.coolhousing.net/hosting-dedicated-servers.html#sale for the full offer of dedicated servers.


Jiří Dvořák, DiS.

Senior Sales Executive

e-mail: jiri.dvorak@coolhousing.net

Mobile: 420775310929

Zdroj: ČTK/Protext

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